Individual Readings 1:1

Psychic Readings

Do you have questions concerning relationships, money, health, family, career or just general direction and what to look out for?  This is the session to choose to regain clarity, focus, confidence, and learn how to overcome obstacle to get back on track to your best life yet! Don't let life happen to you- make it happen for you. 

Mediumship Readings

Schedule this session to feel and experience the undeniable presence of your loved ones in the spirit world.  Were there things left unsaid or do you wish you could have another conversation with them?  Here's your opportunity to know that they are with you daily, they see what is happening in your life, and to receive their loving guidance and wisdom.  Love, healing and hope are offered allowing you to live life to the fullest knowing they are still by your side experiencing it with you.

Hybrid Reading 

Not sure which kind of reading you want?  This session gives you the best of both worlds- literally!  During this session we will traverse both the spirit world and the physical allowing you to connect with your friends/family that have transitioned to the other side AND discuss what life here in the physical world looks like moving ahead.  You decide when you're reading to move from one to the other and how much time is spent in each.

Group Readings 

Group readings are fantastic for family and friend get togethers. small events and bringing larger groups of people together.  Expect Group Readings to last 1.5 to 2 hours unless previously discussed.

All attendees have the chance to receive a reading but, it is not guaranteed.  The readings and messages given may be psychic or mediumistic in nature.   In addition, these events are for persons 18 years of age or older.  Please refrain from alcohol use until after the event as it may alter or change the energy thus impacting the message.



Small and Large Groups

Small Group Readings:

In this setting with the available time, I will try my best to give those attending the SMALL group each an individual reading with messages from your loved ones in the spirit world.   

A small group consists of:

3-5 people - $450

6-10 people - $90 per person ($650 minimum)

Large Group Readings:

This is perfect for that larger gathering or social event of any kind- the possibilities are endless.  With a maximum of 40 people, I will travel to your provided location, if in the local area.  Please make sure you have seating accommodations for those in attendance.  All attendees have the opportunity to receive a reading but all are not guaranteed one.  


Please contact the team at for pricing based on your group size.

Gallery/Platform Events

What a great way to bring more than 40 people together!  This type of event can be on Zoom (maximum of 500 people) or at a location of your choice that you provide.  If this is an in person event, you will need to provide sound equipment and a room with seating large enough for all who attend.

All who attend have the opportunity to receive a reading but not everyone is guaranteed a reading.

Please contact the team at for pricing based on your group size and location.

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Additional Services

Intuitive Energy Healing Session

This session is the channeling of energy into the body and chakras to regain a whole body balance and specific area easement. Using a combination of traditional Usui Reiki and my own personal intuitive methods, the session allows the spirit world to send healing energy through me to you in a way that your body can receive it and engage your own self -healing abilities. This session may include sound including but not limited to bells, singing bowls, and soothing soundscapes. Please advise if you are sensitive to sounds.  At this time, all healing sessions are being done remotely via Zoom.  Please keep in mind that I am not a doctor and I do not diagnose.  I urge you to see a medical professional in your proximity if you feel you need medical assistance.

Comprehensive Intuitive Energy Healing Session

If this is your first appointment with me, or you have not seen me in 6 months or more, this is the session for you.  During this appointment we will first go over what to expect from me, what you may experience during and after the session, and what your end goals look like.  This is then followed by the Intuitive Energy Healing Session.

Tarot/Oracle Card Readings

Tarot and oracle card readings have been done since the beginning of time.  They are used in a variety of layouts to help you receive guidance and insight. Each reader is unique in how they receive information from the individual cards in addition to the traditional meanings.  Be prepared to receive an abundance of information in this session.

Intuitive Coaching

We can all get off track and start hitting bumps in the road.  Don't let life happen to you- let life happen for you!  This option is a great opportunity to take charge and move the momentum in your favor. This is a session to give you physical and spiritual tips, tricks, tools, and confidence to start to create the life of your dreams and live your best life yet.  


I've always been really amazing at finding lost things and getting information regarding missing people or animals. In 2022, after rigorous study and multiple testing exams of real cases I have obtained the elite certification title of: Forensic Psychic Investigator.  The process of forensic work is extensive and exhaustive- utilizing a vast array of modalities in addition to psychic and mediumistic connections.  


Please note that due to the sensitive nature of each case and circumstances, if you would like to use my services in this area, a FREE 30 minute consultation is required to determine if I would be the right fit for you.   Prices vary case by case.